Add-On Features

Build111 has several great add-on features that empower your site with additional functionality.
Each Add-On feature is just a bit more each month. View pricing.

Members Section

The Build111 members section adds a new level of social functionality to your website.

Online Members Area

Sign up new members and let them log in online. Once logged in, they will have access to an on-line directory that can be exported and printed, a private members message board / forum, a private live chat room reserved exclusively for your users and much more.

Mass Emails With Contact Database

Because your member information is stored in our on-line contact database, you can send out mass mailings from your Build111 email center to all of your members at once or to specific groups of members. Use colorful, stylish HTML emails for your email campaigns. Track the results of your mailings with the built in email campaign manager.

Site Blog

Full-featured Blog

Create, post, edit and delete blog articles right from the Build111 interface. Tag your articles, sort by date, choose your layout and more! Your blog posts can automatically hit all the ping lists so your posts are disseminated immediately across the social web.

Comments, Sharing and Moderator Tools

Let visitors leave comments on your blog. Easy moderation tools let you confirm, edit or remove comments. Your visitors can easily share your articles using a variety of social media platforms.

E-Commerce With Shopping Cart

Customizable Shopping Cart

The Build111 shopping cart is incredibly flexible. Create any type of item you want. Add custom attributes that your shoppers can choose from. List items in limited supply or in a variety of types or sizes.

Secure Forms

You can also choose secure forms from our e-commerce options. Take product orders or have visitors sign up for paid events using forms that you customize for any purpose.

Secure Transactions

Take advantage of our secure servers to transmit sensitive billing information safely from your visitors to you.

Payment Integration

The  Build111 e-commerce options include payment integration with a wide variety of payment gateways so you can process transactions entirely online using your merchant account.

Mobile App for iPhone and Android  (learn more)

Free to Download

Once you add the Mobile App for your site, any of your visitors can download the app for their mobile device absolutely free!

Integrated Events and News

The Mobile App displays all of your site's most relevant, frequently updated information gathered from your upcoming events, calendar, news and announcements. Everything your members need to know is just a touch way.

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