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Domain Name Registration

Each Build111 site needs a domain name so that visitors can reach it online. Need a domain name? We can register one for you. Our registration rate is $15/year, and we keep the name secured and renewed so that you never have to worry about it. The name is yours to keep if you ever need to move it away.

Not sure if a domain name you want is available? Use the domain name tool to find out! Or ask us and we'll check on it.

Ready to acquire a name? Email customer service with the name and we will register it.

OR, if you'd prefer to register a name yourself (or use one you already have), you can enter our name servers to point the name to us. Our name servers are: NS1.ICGLINK.COM and NS2.ICGLINK.COM

Email Resources

Mail Management

Create, edit, delete, and modify email accounts here. To manage your entire domain name, log in with your "postmaster" account. Remember, this information is different than what you use to log in to edit your website.


Check your mail online using our Webmail program. To log in, enter your FULL email address as the user and provide the password associated with that mail account.

Spam Filtering

Advanced spam filtering through the Spam111 service. If you have a Spam111 account, visit and log in with your "postmaster" email account information. This will allow you to view messages caught in the filter, edit your filter settings, or set up special settings for individual users.

Setting Up An Email Program

You can check your Build111 email accounts using a mail program on your computer, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, MacMail, etc. Read our Knowledgebase article on email client setup for instructions on how to get your email started with a variety of mail programs and mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimization Resources

Each page of your Build111 site has space for HTML meta tags. These are what search engines read-- so fill them in! This is the first and most important step you can take toward good search engine listings.

SEO Tips for Build111

Build111 gives you complete control over everything that may help your ratings. Read through our SEO Tips to learn which areas you should pay attention to when building a site that will shine in search results.

General Information on SEO

Our Knowledgebase has a very thorough article on the details and workings behind Search Engine Optimization. This article also covers search engine marketing and some of the more advanced tactics that can be used to boost ratings.