Premade Templates

Getting Started

Premade Templates are the quickest and easiest way to get a site design in Build111. As soon as you log in to the Build111 system, you can get started with the click of a button.

Choose Your Style

We offer dozens of styles and color schemes to get you started. This is just part of our list of pre-designed templates. Each page layout also includes several different color schemes. Browse the gallery, select the design you want to use, and save it! Your site now has a complete premade template design!

Available Templates


Update Any Time

You aren't locked in to your template choice. Select a new template any time you want. All your site pages and content will remain 100% the same, they will just get a new design.

Professionally Upgradeable

Need a little more than your template offers? Maybe a custom-styled header that matches your template? Maybe a unique color scheme?

Our professional design team can enhance your premade template if you need design work but don't want a full custom layout.


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